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Knowing when it's time to move on...

It wasn’t too long ago that the ideal career plan was graduate from University/College, join a Global organization and spend your whole career with that one company, gaining a multitude of experiences. Well, times have changed to say the least. Now you see individuals changing jobs frequently, sometimes too quickly. Whatever the case – whether it’s because they were once given constructive feedback by a Senior leader that they did not agree with or they aren’t being promoted fast enough, here are some telling signs that indicate it might be time to move onto a new opportunity:

1) Not passionate about your job anymore - Do you recall when you first started, you loved everything about the company which you represented? Well, if you find yourself losing that spark about what you do, complaining about little things (that never seemed to bother you) and don’t believe in what the company stands for, could be a sign that it’s time for a change.

2) You no longer have that Mentor/Senior leader in your corner - Let’s be honest, sure doesn’t hurt when you have someone at a Senior level going to bat for you every time succession planning comes around. When that person moves on (and it happens), your name might get lost in the shuffle to another Senior leader, who has a larger voice within the organization and their own mentee who they are trying to push for a promotion.

3) On the outside, looking in - Remember when you used to be involved in key decisions, invited to important meetings and a valued contributor to your team? If you find yourself no longer on that fast track and decisions are happening without your input… these are warning signs and need to be taken into consideration as to what your role is now within the company.

4) Not clicking with the boss - You know the old adage, employees don’t leave companies, they leave managers. We have all been there but if your strategy is hoping your Manager moves on before you do, here are the coles notes on this strategy... it makes for an uncomfortable situation for an unknown timeline. Just know that bumpy times could be ahead.

5) Being passed over for the promotion - Once (sure), twice (hmm, ok) but three times being passed over for a role which you are qualified for, is a major red flag. I never recommend leaving your company based on emotion but might be time to start evaluating your situation and why you are actually being passed over.



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